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Yogi Vibezz is a wellness community that started back in 2020, during the pandemic in a small town in NJ, called Asbury Park. The Founder, Siarra Morris, had a real calling throughout her life to help heal humanity and decided to step out on good faith by resigning from her program manager position at the local homeless shelter, to pursue her life's passion. She realized the generational trauma and poverty that was taking place in her own community, and wanted to become a front line advocate to help those in need. She used her traumatic life experiences to catapult herself into the journey of self-healing and that of others.

She has been serving the members of her community for over 16 years. Through her experiences from working in nursing homes, group homes, and healthcare facilities, she has been a huge advocate for healing humanity for her entire career.

Yogi Vibezz has been involved in several community events such as Asbury Park’s Got Talent, Asbury Park Healing Together,  Annual Community Friendsgiving at Kula Farm, Co Founder of the Annual "Walk With Me" healing hiking trail in 2019, and the community-wide Juneteenth celebration for the third upcoming year in a row.

Our  mission is to provide the vital resources and healing techniques  that are necessary to help the lives of those who struggle with generational poverty and childhood trauma. With our groundbreaking approach, we plan to change the narrative of not being able to live out your life purpose just because the odds were set up to be stacked against you.




Are you looking to add some excitement and adventure to your spiritual journey?
Are you bored with your same dull wellness routine?
Not sure how to live a happy healthy life, with being your best self and having fun as well? Well, you have come to the right place.

I'm here to help you find healing, laughter, fun and a damn peace of mind!
I am a yogi and although i love the traditional practices of spirituality and wellness, I wanted more. I'm a natural born adventure seeker (Sagittarius) and I started to feel stagnant and unfulfilled within my lifestyle. I was more in tune with myself after awakening, but something was missing. It was me being able to be myself and walk in my full life purpose no matter what others thought. It was the freedom of being ME, that I was lacking.

It was having a piece of chocolate in the morning for breakfast when I felt the urge too, without feeling guilty. It was shaking my butt around the living room in amidst of my usual yoga routine. It was adding the spice to my life and learning to not take life too seriously all the time. It was finding the balance I needed to lead a more joyous and fulfilled life. So yes, I decided to take a more personal authentic approach, which broke down my walls of shame and guilt, and opened my mind to living my true full purpose and being happy. Too often we set up these barriers to only live in a box and not think outside of the box. We limit ourselves due to what others think and then we end up being unhappy or feeling lost. 
Therefore, I created “Yogi Vibezz”. I wanted to build a tribe of likeminded beings, to enjoy this life journey with me. We influence spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and overall wellbeing practices to bring fulfillment and enjoyment to one’s life. 
So, if you join me on my journey, that ends now.


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